World Bank Group: Toolkit for Public Private Dialogue (PPD)

In Nepal in 2018, Breakthrough ACTION (USAID's flagship social and behavior change project) brought together with government and NGO stakeholders at the central, provincial, and local levels in order to understand the changing social and behavior change (SBC) system for health. Advanced analytical tools within Datamuse were used to identify who influences local-level SBC for health, and who influences how data on health is used in SBC programs.

In Kenya, in 2019, the TRANSFORM project (a partnership between Unilever and the UK’s Department for International Development) used Net-Map to examine who influences health discussions among neighborhood shop owners and their customers. The Net-Map approach and Datamuse helped project staff chart a course for enhancing existing digital communities fostering social enterprise and health. Eight maps were converted to Datamuse, revealing overlooked actors including local government and school teachers as well as opportunities for strengthening regulation and information sharing links between key actors.