International development programs

Network analysis explores the power dynamics that influence the norms and behaviors of stakeholders in complex development programs.


Datamuse network analysis application offers metrics to proactively anticipate stakeholder behavior, design engagement and risk mitigation strategies like -

  • Ability, willingness and incentives to drive desired change
  • Stakeholder positions in the network: the central actors, the intermediaries, opinion leaders, clusters
  • The formal and informal relationships in the network
  • Potential resistance to change.

We have partnered with several social development programs to map the stakeholder landscape, facilitate conversations about complex issues and navigate stakeholder politics in a systematic way.

Engagement options

  • Multi-stakeholder consultations
  • Stakeholder engagement design and evaluation
  • Political economy analysis
  • Shared understanding of stakeholder dynamics and influence in success or failure of programs
  • Manage conflicts and build consensus
  • Policy advocacy