Customer network analytics


Customer network analytics

Datamuse customer network analysis generates a multiplier effect on marketing efforts by

  • through discovering networks,
  • identifying influencers (with wide network of interested people) and ways to tap into their network,
  • content marketing customized to prevalent sentiments in the networks,
  • creating a user community

It also captures perceptions and sentiments in the space and therefore serves as marketing research instrument for understanding customer perceptions.

Customer network analytics involves….

  • -The techniques used are a mix of network mapping, sentiment analysis and text mining for pattern discovery.
  • The insights identify critical nodes for a gateway to large number of customers instead of having to pursue each potential lead separately, and substantially increasing the RoI of marketing spends.
    Customer network analytics is usually used for –
    • Generating leads
    • Product adoption
    • Retention efforts in face of potential customer churn